People who should be killed, Part XII

I’m listening to a lot of baseball this time of year.  The Giants and the Cubs in the playoffs, oh my!  More suspense and excitement than I can stand.  But in the midst of all this competitive rapture are two types of people whom you should kill if they’re anywhere within range of your rock-throwing arm.

1) People who perform (or should I say reproduce) “God Bless America” at each game.  This is supposed to be an honor, right?  So, why do they ask half-talented people to perform it?  Better question, why do half the half-talented people who accept the gig abuse the so-called opportunity with boooooooooring renditions?  Who cares why?  Kill them before they can torture us for 2.5 minutes.

2) Know-it-all game commentators.  Yeah, yeah, they have a tough job, I get it.  I understand the problem.  But do they have to talk so fucking much?  I mean, shut the fuck up when there’s nothing going on.  Screw your old jokes, antique memories, lame-o real-time opinions.  Just tell us what’s happening or be killed.

Buh bye.

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