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The Superhero’s Closet

At long last, my novel, The Superhero’s Closet, is going to print. Since I haven’t yet built a promotional site for the book, I just wanted to share the good news and what’s happening as I write.

Today, I invited professional actor/model Ronnie Kerr to pose for cover photography. Local photographer Michael Sexton will take the photos, one of which I’ll use as a central design element for the cover. One of the great things about self-publishing is that since I’m paying for it, I have loads of creative control, including designing the cover myself.

The book’s interior design has moved into production…Xlibris is waiting only for me to provide the complete cover and any promotional author shots, blurbs, etc. They say 3-6 months from completion of design, books will be available for special order through any book store or directly from the web.

One of the reasons I’m so excited about the cover is that the combination of this specific model and this specific photographer is going to give me an iconic look that fits the tone of the novel, steeped as it is in a cynical clash between comic-book wonder and gritty realism. My primary inspiration for the design is the photoreal paintings of Alex Ross, who brings a Norman-Rockwell authenticity to superhero art.

Once the promotional site is ready, I’ll announce it here and through email. In the meantime, Wonder Twin Powers — activate!

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