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Never forget: President Bush is a misguided asshole

The other day, a friend, in reponse to my opinions about V for Vendetta, said I’d better watch out, the NSA is listening. I laughed. He didn’t. And then it hit me. People in this country actually are afraid of their government.

So, let me be clear. My government can go fuck itself. It’s inefficient, bloated, and packed with money-grubbing opportunists who don’t represent me. Fuck them. And while we’re at it, the British government under Blair can go fuck itself. Making language that glorifies terrorism illegal is — in case you hadn’t noticed — an affront to expression. By automatic extension, the comic-series Alan Moore wrote in the 80s that yielded the recent V would make him prone to incarceration in today’s UK. On the count of three, laugh after me.

Today, George Bush announced his displeasure at Afghanistan’s decision to execute some guy who wants to convert from Islam to Christianity. American Christians, showing their universal love for all oppressed peoples, bombarded the Afghan Embassy with emails, letters, and phone calls to protest. Apparently, if one of your peeps is involved, the threat of execution is unconscionable.


Where are the emails, letters, and phonecalls protesting anyone being executed anywhere? Gosh, I guess if you had to do that much protesting, you’d never get anything done. Oy, the inconvenience.

This unusual and telling quote from the asshole President says it all: “I’m troubled when I hear — deeply troubled — when I hear the fact that a person who has converted away from Islam may be held to account. That’s not the universal application of the values that I talked about.” (my italics)

Uh-huh. Universal application of the values Bush talked about. Who knew our president was a Philosopher King. With a big stick.

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