Why I’m in love with Flock

I don’t like to waste a lot of Clog time talking about user interfaces: one should never sleep in one’s own poop, or whatever that saying is.

But I must admit to falling in love with Flock, the self-styled social networking browser.  I’m actually writing this post in a Flock pop-out window that will seamlessly publish this post to The Clog.  How?  I told Flock that I use Blogger.  As I told it that I use facebook, Flickr, photobucket,, and Magnolia.  In a single browser, I can post to, retrieve from, and manage certain aspects of my so-called social networking experiences — often without even visiting those sites.

Flock is part dashboard, part feed reader, part browser.  It does all three well.  I can have a list of my facebook friends in a left panel, quickly access notifications, and modify my status while simultaneously viewing a media stream of the content I’ve uploaded to sites like Flickr.  All while viewing normal web pages across the multiple tabs that are now common.

With its intense attention to RSS and search robustness, I can do two or three things at once, without having to rely on external content tools or skipping across page tabs.  This is the immediate future of the browser — focused, strategically sensible integration.

As much as I love Firefox for filling the vacuum left by Netscape, I have to say that I’ve installed Flock on all three of the computers I use and launch it when I’m in the mood for a variety of distractions related to the disparate silos of my life online.

Blogged with Flock

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