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Quasi-governmental agencies 1, local entrepreneurs 0

It’s interesting that progressive, liberal San Francisco can talk out of both sides of its fat mealy mouth about stemming the invasion of corporate chains while a quasi-governmental entity we call the Airport Commission works diligently to quell independent businesses.

It’s all part of the inevitable vesting of market diversity into market monoliths that infects American corporate culture.

Here’s the scenario. Several shuttle companies deliver air travelers from their homes to the airport. Apparently, the Commission has decided that this important equalizing force — competition holds prices in check and requires some investment by companies in proving that they are “better” than the others — is too difficult for stupid humans to sort through. Their solution? The regulatory eradication of a competitive market by bestowing to the market leader a preferred/authorized/sanctioned status as the de facto vendor.

Disgusting. When you have choice, you enjoy the responsibility of selection and negotiation. When you do not have choice — as socialists/fascists in real and imagined (SFO) government prefer, because it’s good for you, your children, and your over-taxed simian brain — you pay more for less.

Which part of this simple principle is not clear?

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