Reality 1, hope and change 0

It’s astonishing to watch Barack Obama’s presidency flame out so loudly and so quickly. With his contemptible health-care reform evaporating like a glass of water in the desert, all eyes are on what he’s done in the last year, and what he plans to do in this critical mid-term election year.

It’s been all about the surprises. Chicago will host the Olympics because no one can resist Obama’s charm. Not. Obama in Copenhagen plus a bunch of glue-sniffing consensus scientists will take nature by the throat and make her do their bidding. Not. Obama and Nancy Pelosi will ram expensive, mandatory, socialist health coverage down Americans’ throats. Nope. Obama will throw mind-boggling amounts of money he doesn’t have at the recession, causing a measurable drop in unemployment and a China-style recovery. Nope. Guantanamo is closed. Um, no. Escalations in Afghanistan and increasing tension with Pakistan. Check.

By my count, he’s broken approximately 6 campaign promises, 4 of them central to his getting elected. The carcass of health-care reform isn’t even cold, and he’s out selling more federal power, more regulation, more economic engineering in the form of controlling those bastardly banks. Naughty naughty banks! Papa Obama doesn’t approve.

At this point, who cares?

Although it irks my vestigial liberal organ, the Supreme Court today rightly struck down a century of bad precedent related to political free speech. I would rather corporations have no more say in the political process than they already do, but that is my problem, not theirs. The Constitution allows for all forms of free speech except those that can be construed as fraudulent and felonious (screaming “fire!” in a crowded theater, for instance, or threatening to assassinate a president). This will change the way the mid-term elections shake out. Why? Because the only entities — other than the electorate itself — powerful enough to combat bad government are those with equally vast resources to combat it. (I am opposed to unfettered corporate lobbying power, but not to what corporations do to voice their opinions about who should be elected. There is a difference.) Politicians are a weak species, so no matter how you look at it, the sway is in.

To think that this clown (Obama) had the gall to demand a Second Bill of Rights (the right to health care, the right to a job, and other specious shit a socialist would spew) when he wipes his butt with the ideas enshrined in the original Bill of Rights is preposterous. Who does he think he is?

I loathed Bush, but he was an enemy I could define; laughing at him soothed the pain. Obama is something else entirely…he’s so unqualified and unconvincing it hurts to watch him in action.

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