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Savory pies and potatoes

Eye fillet steak pies with a puff pastry top and buttery potato mash.

The base recipe is here. I modified the recipe quite a bit:

  • I cubed beef-eye fillets instead of using mince (or ground beef, as Americans would say). This creates delicious chunks of tender beef that cook in roughly the same time as mince.
  • I slightly reduced the stock and did not add water. This was to create a slightly denser filling.
  • I added a half teaspoon of flour to thicken the liquid (optional, depending on how much liquid you omit).
  • I used pre-made pie moulds, but topped them with fresh puff pastry, attaching the bottoms and tops with an egg glaze (1 beaten egg).
  • I added peas because‚Ķpeas are awesome.

If you make enough filling, you can simply produce more pies as you need them. Two pies and some sides make a great entree.

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