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Christmas in New Zealand

Last year’s Christmas was characterized by the most awful weather ever. This year is the flip side of that coin. On Christmas Eve, we had the entire house open, every door and every window. It wasn’t sunny beach weather, but it was exquisitely comfortable and balmy.

Christmas Eve’s feast consisted of cider-braised turkey legs from Martha Stewart, roasted radishes from our garden, and a Scottish clapshot, which is basically mashed potatoes and mashed turnips in one with chopped chives and a dash of nutmeg.

On Christmas Day, it’s been all about slow-cooked ham (made with an uncooked, uncured ham), roasted golden beets, and salads with cucumbers, lettuces, carrots, spring onions, and other goodies from our garden. I decided to also make a multi-grain bread loaf.

I got to talk to my beloved sister about life and movies, so the holiday is nearly complete for me. Good weather, loved ones, fantastic food, killer gifts, and peace & quiet.

Did I mention that I got the most spectacular Star Wars gift ever? Perhaps you can tell from the photo gallery above. Merry merry.

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