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Facial scrub: avocado seed & oil

  • Coconut oil or a castor+sunflower oil mix
  • Avocado seed, finely ground

I experimented with an oil + sugar blend, but found that granulated sugar was a bit harsh and the granules dissolved too quickly (especially if you’re exfoliating in the shower).

This is as easy as it gets. Save the pits from avocados. Rinse them well, pat dry, and sit in a window to dry for at least a few days. They will shrink and pucker as they dry out. When they’re dry, wrap in a kitchen towel, set on a hard surface like the kitchen counter, and smash into large bits with a hammer.

Run those bits through an electric grinder or (even better) through a manual coffee mill. You should end up with a finely ground result about the consistency of ground coffee.

If you use coconut oil, warm the oil (microwave or double boiler works; you just want it soft, no need to fully liquefy it) and add ground apricot seed at a 50-50 ratio. If you use the castor+sunflower cleaning method described here, you can squirt a coin sized amount into your palm and add an equal amount of ground apricot seed.

No matter what you mix it with, it should be a 50-50 mix, as you want a lot of the apricot.

I’ve even mixed it with a foaming face wash, again at a 50-50 ratio.

One avocado pit yields enough grinds for 20 or so scrubs.

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