Fried chicken, no splash, tut tut!

Let’s face it, Brits don’t know anything about fried chicken. Not even if their name is Jamie Oliver. From Jamie…

This is an incredible fried chicken recipe, one that I subtly evolved from that of my dear friend Art Smith

Yep, I agree, it is an incredible fried chicken recipe. Next time, just write down what Art did and leave the subtle evolution thing out.

The recipe is solid, especially when it comes to the brining and buttermilk processes. Marvelously tender meat that even frying + baking can’t ruin. To be fair, I like what Oliver did with the minimal frying time, relying on the oven to cook the meat through. Frying just gives us the requisite crust.

But if the seasoning of the batter is part of the evolution, it’s a fail. Luckily, I’ve made fried chicken enough — and hung with fat black ladies enough — to know that his ingredients smelled suspiciously, well, white. No worries, I knew how to black them up and it all came out just fine.

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