People who should be killed, Part I

I’d like to introduce a new feature that helps me celebrate my most misanthropic musings.  Every now and then, I will identify a specific person or a type of person whom you should physically harm at your earliest convenience.  It’s a fun game, and everyone can play it!  Let’s start, shall we?

<b>People who bark at dogs</b>.  If your dog is hitched to a parking meter while you get a cup of coffee and someone walks by, barking at your dog(s) as if he is some sort of canine Parseltongue, kill him.  If you’re in your car at a traffic light and your dog is poking his head out of the window when someone drives up beside you and barks through his window, kill him.

Extra points for posthumous mutilation: If the human barker then turns to his friend and giggles (“Dude, when you barked at that fucking mutt?  Man, that was the phattest thing I’ve ever seen, man.”), please feel free to step on his head after you have killed him.

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