“Punting twated”

If you know what punting twated means, then you’re a visitor from an alternate universe, or are receiving signals from a dimension that is opaque to the rest of us.

I was sitting in a bar, biding my time while waiting for my family to show up so we could go see King Kong. A TV was on over the bar, its volume muted and CC text strips flaring across the bottom of the screen. At some point, while the ‘typist’ was translating a news reader’s remarks, the words punting twated appeared. Normally, when mistakes are made in CC text, I can piece together the meaning based on context. But punting twated threw me for a loop. Whatever they were talking about became instantly arcane. I wonder how people who require CC to understand TV deal with such mysterious typos. My closet conspiracy theorist wonders if punting twated activates sleepers among us, or successfully signaled thralls that the invasion is about to begin.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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