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Gay marriage: ideological blackhole

I make no bones about my scorn for the queer obsession with marriage equality. Equal protection under the law is just the cart. It’s the horse we should behead. Government has no constitutional authority to dabble in the marriage business. But Americans depend on big government to coddle them while they blithely swallow the role of elected officials as normative moralists. What we end up with is a queer community — once vehemently and proudly disdainful of polluted institutions like marriage — that wants to be just like the Joneses. What a pity.

This week, New York’s supreme court dashed the misguided hopes of yet more queers eager to “get married.”

The court based part of its ruling today on biology — the fact that opposite-sex couples can become parents “as a result of accident or impulse.”

Accident or impulse. Why would you waste your energy fighting a ruling that clearly dismisses the power of planning and preparation, something at which organized queers — at least the ones I used to know — excel?

I’ll put my money on the child of two smart lesbians with decent incomes who think about and go about their adoption/pregnancy options with meticulous care, long before I’ll invest in the kid who popped out of some straight chick as a result of accident or impulse.

Frankly, I’m not sure which is more disturbing: queers who want to be just like everybody else or the champions of a so-called blessing characterized by rude chance.

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